Consortium to perform human biomonitoring on a European Scale
human biomonitoring for europe
a harmonized approach is feasible
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Coordination and management

The coordination and management covered the administrative support to the consortium of 35 partners from 27 European countries including establishment of management and organisational structures for a coordinated and targeted cooperation.

The administrative support in particular included:

-          Task management

-          Time management

-          Financial management

-          Quality management

-          Organisation and management of joint or common initiatives

-          Ensurance of adequate consultation and information flow

-          Overall legal, contractual, financial and administrative management

Leading institution

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  Dr. Reinhard Joas BiPRO GmbH, Munich, Germany
  Dr. Ludwine Casteleyn, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  Dr. Anke Joas BiPRO GmbH, Munich, Germany