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Evaluation of Communication material

Interactive tools are useful to obtain feedback from the target audiences to evaluate our current methods of communication and ensure that the material is tailored to the appropriate audience.


The recruitment material was evaluated in the UK by two ways; a ‘people panel’ and public focus groups.

People Panel

Initial feedback of the information material was collected by emailing it to 100 members of a people panel who are regularly consulted via e-communications. They were asked whether they understood the material, whether there was enough information and whether the information would encourage them to join the study.

Public focus groups

Focus groups are small groups of people who can be consulted to gain insight into the general public’s understanding of biomonitoring. The DEMOCOPHES pilot study will look at child mother pairs in an urban population and a rural population so in January 2011, mothers were invited to take part in one of two focus groups, one in London to represent an urban population and one in Exeter to represent a rural population. The groups were asked to comment on the letter inviting participants to join the study and the information leaflet. We also discussed the type of questions that would be used in the interview questionnaires.


The feedback was very useful and the amendment of the documents included; checking all communication material for the use of jargon (baseline, dataset etc), provide an explanation of  how the participants were selected, remove repetition and provide more detail on the chemicals that will be measured in the study (health effects, uses etc.).


The full report of the focus groups will be available to download here shortly. Guidance on how to run focus groups will also be developed by the COPHES team.

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