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Communication and dissemination

COPHES has been developed a dynamic communication strategy for the dissemination of results and key messages to all stakeholders.

COPHES has been developing a dynamic communication strategy for the dissemination of results and key messages to all stakeholders, from the general public to policy makers.

The communication strategy encompasses each stage of the project from the planning and inception to the implementation, final conclusions and recommendations for a future European-wide HBM project. The tools used are tailored to the needs of the different audiences: participants, stakeholders, general public, and policymakers.



Read the newsletters published by COPHES and DEMOCOPHES.

Download Summer 2012 Newsletter (502 KB)

Download Autumn 2011 Newsletter (911KB)

Download July 2011 Newsletter (742 KB)


Preparation of recruitment material

Recruitment material including letters to invite participants to join the study, information leaflets, appointment letters and consent forms were prepared by our communications team and made available through the web.


Evaluation and Amendment

Interactive tools are useful to obtain feedback from the target audiences to evaluate our current methods of communication and ensure that the material is tailored to the appropriate audience. The recruitment material was evaluated in the UK in two different ways: a ‘people panel’ and public focus groups. Read more about this here.


Communication of study results

Dissemination of results of this project will be performed along 3 main channels:

  • Dissemination of material related to the results of the field studies to the study participants, to the general public and to the policymakers
  • Dissemination of results on EU feasibility for policymakers
  • Dissemination of results to the scientific world


The results and key messages will be disseminated via this website as well as articles in press, presentations and reports.

Leading institution

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  Dr. Reinhard Joas BiPRO GmbH, Munich, Germany
  Dr. Ludwine Casteleyn, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  Dr. Anke Joas BiPRO GmbH, Munich, Germany