Consortium to perform human biomonitoring on a European Scale
human biomonitoring for europe
a harmonized approach is feasible
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EU HBM framework

COPHES aims at building a sustainable framework for HBM surveys in Europe and increase the comparability of data across countries. A key step in such a framework is the elaboration of common guidelines for setting up surveys.

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Recruitment and sampling: mission accomplished!

Adequate recruitment and sampling procedures are the first step towards a successful HBM study. Knowing that, COPHES provided scientific support for a harmonised recruitment of study participants and the collection of samples in a European population-based HBM study.

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Sample processing and QA

Harmonisation of procedures and criteria for quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) in relation to both pre-analytical and analytical phases are essential to establish a coherent approach to HBM in Europe.

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Data analysis and interpretation

For a coordinated and harmonised approach to HBM in Europe, a common procedure for data management, quality control of the database, data analysis and data interpretation is essential.

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COPHES has been developed a dynamic communication strategy for the dissemination of results and key messages to all stakeholders.

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Training is an essential element to mitigate the difficulties due to the different practices and levels of expertise in participating countries and to ensure comparability of approaches.

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HBM and related research

COPHES takes into account the newest results in biomarker developments.

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HBM and policy

The need for a European HBM framework is now widely recognised.

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Coordination and management

The coordination and management covered the administrative support to the consortium of 35 partners from 27 European countries including establishment of management and organisational structures for a coordinated and targeted cooperation.

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