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A Special Issue “Harmonized human biomonitoring on a European scale: experiences in seventeen countries” has been issued in August 2015 in Environmental Research

This Special Issue informs on the methods used and on the analysis of the data obtained in a recent European HBM pilot study, recommended as an action within the European Environment and Health Action Plan.


The 13 contributions give information on the approaches tested out. Detailed data on specific substances and interview data are interpreted. Some articles zoom in on specific countries or make comparisons. Taken as a whole, the results clearly demonstrate the feasibility of common approaches and the progress made in the recent years towards first European reference values.

Based on these results, European countries together with the European Commission are at this moment exploring the possibilities for a more sustainable HBM system that should be able to support environmental health policy, at European and national level.

The challenges are: (1) to create at European level a system that promotes a transparent European decision making process on e.g. priorities in measuring exposures and developing the biomarkers needed, as well as in setting benchmarks that protect the whole population in a context of environmental justice; (2) to disseminate and use sensitive data for the benefit of all, whilst at the same time protecting the rights of the individual; (3) to share capacity; and (4) to produce results that find their way into policy and practice, resulting in prevention at all levels and protection of the health and wellbeing of all European citizens.

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